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Friday, July 6th 2012, 3:26pm

Resident Evil: Distant Memories (Announcements)

RESIDENT EVIL: Distant Memories

Official website: TEAM96 | Official Blog <<>>

- Birthdate: September 2011
- Plattform: PC / Windows
- Type: RESIDENT EVIL 2 (PC) total conversion mod
- Genre: Suvival horror / action adventure
- Status: in development
- Release date: TBA


Resident Evil: Distant Memories tries to tie on where the newer Resident Evil titles have failed. It brings back the survival horror that the fans of the old school games have missed for so long and also makes use of the gameplay mechanics that the old games are loved for by simply using RESIDENT EVIL 2`s engine.


Germany in the year 2005, somewhere near the german/austrian border. German intelligence has appointed an agent named Wolfgang Diefenthaeler to gather information about several people that have been abducted out of nearby villages. All information gathered seems to point into the direction of the multinational Umbrella corporation who own a mansion located on a remote landstrip. The Kretschmann mansion.

A building that was built a few decades before world war 2 and used by german army scientists for researching biological and chemical weapons that were intended to be used in the war. It also contained a prison in which POWs and civilians were used as human guinea pigs. After the war, it was abandoned and left to rot. It was later bought by none other than Oswell E. Spencer after he discovered it on one of his business travels to europe. He got in contact with Hans Glebe, a german star architect that already worked for the german government and other big companys. Glebe tried his best to fulfill Spencer`s visions but often had arguments with him about several things that he found rather suspicious like traps and the reconstruction of the prison sector of the mansion. Nevertheless Glebe completed his task and the building was used again as a base of research, this time under the flag of the just established Umbrella corporation.

When contact with Diefenthaeler was lost, german intelligence requested immediate backup and got in contact with their american colleagues which suggested to mobilize experts that already had gathered experience with Umbrella. These experts are Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton who both immediately make their way to germany. Escorted by german agents they finally get dropped out right in the near of the Umbrella estate where the horror again begins...


Update 6. Juli, 2012


RESIDENT EVIL: DISTANT MEMORIES Gameplay Teaser (10/31/2011)
RESIDENT EVIL: DISTANT MEMORIES Promotional Footage (10/31/2011)
RESIDENT EVIL: DISTANT MEMORIES Concept Footage (09/25/2011)

The lineup of our team is:

Darkside05 – audio & video artist
DXP – writer, 2D/3D artist, coder
jdredalert – writer, 2D artist
Mrox2 – writer
Resiyoyoyo – writer, 2D/3D artist, coder
-Rusty- – writer, 2D/3D artist
The Mortician – writer, 2D/3D artist, audio & video artist, coder

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